I joined Rabbit Punch Social Club six months ago, brand-new to weightlifting, and after training with Clay I have more energy and am stronger and healthier than I have ever been before! His philosophy, dedication and commitment to his clients is what makes his one-on-one training stand out from the rest. Clay’s training program goes above and beyond workout sessions, as he has provided delicious and easy vegan recipes and 24/7 availability for questions. He uses his thorough knowledge of thriving on a plant-based lifestyle to guide me towards my personal best; this seems to be a main goal of his.

Clay is committed to teaching me a wide array of weightlifting exercises and even boxing, which has kept me interested and excited about working out. It’s been a lot of fun training with him and seeing my progress develop. I am not only physically stronger, but also mentally stronger and more resilient to handle life’s stress. The greatest thing about working out with Clay is that he is a total professional and really knows training, but I never feel intimidated. Instead, it feels like with every workout I am benefitting from his dedication to his field. You can tell he loves what he does, and Brickyard Gym is very fortunate to have him on staff.


Allison Nikolaus